Design Your Life


Love is the key and the way. 


What is life without Love? 


You can have anything, but it is nothing

without love.


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Welcome to My Magical Space

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"Pentru cei care au din ce in ce mai multe Intrebari si mai putine Raspunsuri, o recomand

pe Carmen. 

Aduce Miracolele." Cornel IlieVunk  



Life is about being happy and well, having a higher purpose, feeling peace inside.

You can do, be & have anything, but it is nothing unless you are Happy. 

Do you have a dream in your heart that you want to create, but don't really believe it is possible for you? Or, you keep putting it off to the future?


Can you imagine yourself  happy, healthy {all fears off},

doing what you love,

as long as you love it, near your true love in partnership

That is the new formula for success. 

 I had developed expertise to coach you to reset your life and redesign your future.

Powerful techniques will clear self-sabotage and help you discover your true purpose. 



My Way. My Story. My Life. 



 When every fiber of your being longs to take your life to the

next level {to discover the true purpose you were born to fulfill}, 

you must take massive and extraordinary action to achieve

an extraordinary result. 


In our online sessions, from your living room, I will provide you with that advanced 

guidance that will 

inspire you to create your ultimate vision and develop superior insight so,

you can achieve unparalleled results. 

The questions that I ask in advance of your session and require response to prior to our call include:


  1. What in your life or current situation is a priority?
  2. Is there a current (urgent) need in your life?
  3. Where do you feel lost, frustrated most?
  4. What is it that you’re most unclear about?
  5. What or who angers, frustrates or triggers you the most?
  6. What is your biggest fear and what do avoid looking at because it creates too much fear?
  7. What do you worry about; what keeps you awake at night or creates the most stress for you?
  8. What is the miraculous soulution that you’d pay almost anything for?
  9. What will you be able to do/get/achieve, if your dream were to be realized and where will you be more powerful/influential in your life as a result?
  10. What brought you to book this energetic coaching session?



I will illuminate the path, but the journey is yours.

I will train you to let go everything you fear to lose, 

and replace it with love. 


It is an energetic training. 

Kung Fu for your emotional system.



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What miracle is possible, now? 


When we think, we create. When we feel, we create. 
Moment by moment our thoughts are creating our reality. 

Vibrations of your {thoughts & words & feelings} becomes you and you become them.

You are given the gifts of the Gods: You create your reality according to your beliefs.

Yours is the creative energy that makes your world and life.  

Your higher self is unlimited, your beliefs limits you, instead. 


Higher Energetic Intelligence



the access to Your Dream Life



As dori sa stii ca ai ajuns aici deloc intamplator.  

Iti Multumesc ca esti aici. 

Visezi  inalt despre mai mult in ariile vietii tale si doresti sa investesti in 

posibilitatea crearii acelei realitati  acum ?

Vei afla in acest spatiu pink ca totul este conectat si este format din energie (e=mc2).  

Cuvantul este energie, gandul este energie, e-motia este energie in miscare: e-motion.

Cu acesta energie noi cream realitati. 

Totul in jur poarta o semnatura energetica, inclusiv, Tu. 


O semnatura energetica inalta iti va permite accesul catre your dream life.  

E ca un pasaport invizibil.

Fara el, check in  catre next level este imposibil.


Next level poate fi materializarea a ceea ce doresti cu toata fiinta ta.

Dupa energetic clearing {ancestral clearing included}, semnatura energetica devine elevata si 
accesul catre ceea ce doresti este permis. 


This is how it works without exceptions. 

Zambete, Carmen 



“No matter who you are, no matter how successful, no matter how happy, 

Carmen has something to offer you. ” Arla M., New York 


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 Oricine esti, iti doresc sa simti bucuria din nou, 
 Carmen Meera



Express Coaching: 

My rose gold iphone: 0723 83 07 83  

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