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Este cadoul ideal.









  Cine beneficiaza de sesiunile de coaching cadou?


Mamele (80 ani) au primit de la fiicele lor sesiuni de relaxare emotionala in perioade de mare stress.

Tatii au primit cadou de la fiicele lor sesiuni de renuntare la invinovatire si armonizare a relatiei de familie.

Doamne educatoare de la Waldorf au primit surpriza unui voucher oferita de mamele micutilor.


Sotiile au primit din partea sotilor sesiuni coaching cadou de ziua lor.

Prietenele au daruit sesiuni coaching, prietenelor provocate emotional * love relation shifts * divort.  


Rezervari e-m@il:


                  Compliments, Carmen Meera














 "Pentru cei care au din ce in ce mai multe Intrebari si mai putine Raspunsuri, o recomand pe Carmen. Aduce Miracolele." 

Cornel IlieVunk 


As dori sa stii ca ai ajuns aici deloc intamplator.  

Iti Multumesc ca esti aici. 

Visezi  inalt despre mai mult in ariile vietii tale si doresti sa investesti in 

posibilitatea crearii acelei realitati  acum ?

Vei afla in acest spatiu pink ca totul este conectat si este format din energie (e=mc2).  

Cuvantul este energie, gandul este energie, e-motia este energie in miscare: e-motion.

Cu acesta energie noi cream realitati. 

Totul in jur poarta o semnatura energetica, inclusiv, Tu. 


O semnatura energetica inalta iti va permite accesul catre your dream life.  

E ca un pasaport invizibil.

Fara el, check in  catre next level este imposibil.


Next level poate fi materializarea a ceea ce doresti cu toata fiinta ta. Poate fi sanatatea emotionala, psihologica, mentala, spirituala, energetica. Poate fi relatia ta de dragoste. Poate fi relatia ta cu tine. Poate fi implinirea personala.

Poate fi succesul financiar.

Poate fi bucuria simpla, daca ai uitat sa o simti. 

Poate fi succesul mult dorit in cariera. Poate fi alinierea cu tot ceea

ce tu poti fi. Poate fi libertatea ta perceptuala.  Poate fi orice tu simti ca lipseste din experienta ta. 

The questions that I ask in advance of your session and require response to prior to our call include:

  1. What in your life or current situation is a priority?
  2. Is there a current (urgent) need in your life?
  3. Where do you feel lost, frustrated most?
  4. What is it that you’re most unclear about?
  5. What or who angers, frustrates or triggers you the most?
  6. What is your biggest fear and what do avoid looking at because it creates too much fear?
  7. What do you worry about; what keeps you awake at night or creates the most stress for you?
  8. What is the miraculous soul-ution that you’d pay almost anything for?
  9. What will you be able to do/get/achieve, if your dream were to be realized and where will you be more powerful/influential in your life as a result?
  10. What brought you to book this energetic coaching session?



                     Private Sessions

Online & Telefonic.

In person, Emotional SPA Center, Brasov & Bucuresti.

 Intuitive Life Coaching: 

 Sesiune: 111 euro / 1 h 

Pachetul VIP Platinum Retreat, Sus la Sfinxul Romanesc, in Bucegi. Detalii telefonic. 

Miracolele sunt posibile si exista, atunci cand dragostea exista. 

Atunci cand te iubesti pe tine, te vindeci emotional si iti acorzi 

atentie, devii your top Priority  si starea ta de bine este tot ceea ce conteaza. Daca tu esti bine, toti din jurul tau{ indirect} vor fi bine si fericiti.


 Sesiune VIP {in person} One Day Coaching: 555 euro 


 Descriere aici


Of course, Energetic Coaching is more expensive, but receiving  a warm hello & blessings from the Unicorns, 

my highest level assistants,has its price.  


  From our experience we can tell you this: Miracles will be delivered. 


R.S.V.P.:  0723 83 07 83







For International Clients: 

                     Life Design by request

  1 Session  Energetic Coaching: 1111 euro / 1h 


 VIP Platinum Package 3 months: 888 euro/ 1 session/1h / week. 


1 Day Exclusive & VIP Intensive Coaching {in person}: The price on this is available on request.

             Describing here  

Of course, our Energetic Coaching is more expensive, but receiving  a warm hello & blessings from the Unicorns, 

my highest level assistants,has its price.  


  From our experience we can tell you this: Miracles will be delivered.





Carmen Meera


My World. My life. My Short Bio.   

The Oracle Coach & Life Designer

I Am a Seer. I can see your Future. Do You wonder what I See?

I See your Potentials.

Business Coach

Writer & DreamWalker Teacher

I travel the World: Empowering dreams of XX & XY

Re-Invent & Re-Design for Personal Image: Internal and External

Founder of the Emotinal SPA*Carmen Meera ~ RelationShifts ~New Love Way in 21st Millenium~ Life Design ~ Beyond Freedom. 



Since the year 2000, I have deliberately devoted myself to all kind of research about life management, emotional intelligence, success's perception, genius role model(how Einstein did it?), re-framing realities, quantum physics, psycho-genetics, different energy and healing techniques, brain waves and what really stands behind the secret and "phenomenon" of the Law of Attraction.

Licensed New Code NLP Coaching

International Trainers Academy of NLP  @

Licensed Master NLP

Licensed Tranzactional Analysis & Abe Wagner, USA @

Licensed New Psychology Aspectology

Licensed Conflict Revolution
, Albert Einstein Institute, USA, (Certified Science Officer)

New Consciousness Business Coach




 Oricine esti iti doresc sa simti bucuria din nou, 
 Carmen Meera



Express coaching: 

My rose gold iphone: 0723 83 07 83  

{12.00-17.00 except the weekend} 





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