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Founder of the Emotinal SPA*Carmen Meera ~ RelationShifts ~New Love Way in 21st Millenium~ Life Design ~ Beyond Freedom. 



Since the year 2000, I have deliberately devoted myself to all kind of research about life management, emotional intelligence, success's perception, genius role model(how Einstein did it?), re-framing realities, quantum physics, psycho-genetics, different energy and healing techniques, brain waves and what really stands behind the secret and "phenomenon" of the Law of Attraction.

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Licensed New Psychology Aspectology

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, Albert Einstein Institute, USA, (Certified Science Officer)

New Consciousness Business Coach




Byline: Life is a relationship with Your Sovereignty & it is About Your Perception.



                        Performance Leadership


                 High Definition Business Coaching™



         Perfect Business structures & Employees & Performance = A Dream.


" A new result will be obtained when you will dare to change the vision & action. The same action will offer you the same result." Albert Einstein   


               It is time to be courageous and try something New.




There is a natural tendency to align with the new trends of our century, it is a full upgrade to the new millennium.


Many companies feel the ineffectiveness of their businesses and the inability to maximize profits in our times full of changes.  


So many years after the industrial revolution and the scientific management theory, we are still in struggle to find ways to motivate employees to increase productivity. Real motivation. Real performance.


Theory after theory, they rarely take into account the philosophical perspective of executives and managers in their approach to organizations, keeping them in the same place of ineffectiveness.   


  New Corporate Coaching addresses key issues at a personal and corporate level resulting in major positive impact: new vision & paradigm of high performance.   



                            High Definition Business Coaching™ is:


  a  way of thinking, a model that fulfills the needs of both executives for bottom-line results and employees for independence and fulfillment at work.  


 an interactive and developmental process, where the coach enable the others to find their own solutions, discover new opportunities and implement actions. 


 offering to take you down a new road that shows you a different approach to business operations and business relationships. 


 with coaching we gain a new approach to business—we need to take a different path in order to realize a different result.



 is the art of helping people discover, develop and overcome obstacles to realize the potential of excellence. stimulating Creativity and finding a new way & perspective from which to view your life and new tools with which to achieve your objectives 



is the art of facilitating the unleashing of people's to reach meaningful, important objectives. 


this is essence of coaching: reaching objectives in one  easy way.


 is oriented about to concrete impact and results, it is about helping to articulate and achieve objectives: to create a culture of high performance.


  is about discovering  perspectives to address specific challenges in one successful way.


     Golden KEYS:

  Pathfinder: As the leader (business owner or manager) it is your responsibility to impart your vision and goals, articulate your values, and to persuade your team to embrace your vision and come on board with what your goals are.

    Alignment: Identify and assess team members’ personalities, strengths, talents, and weaknesses. Know where they will best fit into the scheme of things. This is aligning all the pieces for the best fit.

     Entrust Your Team: With your team members in place, let them do what they do best. Give guidance where it is needed, but have team members use their experience and creativity.

      Role Model: You are a role model to your team! Do what you say, because your team is watching you. You must model the values you want implemented. You can’t just pay lip service, you must be what you say, otherwise you will not be an effective leader.



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                               The  Benefits Of Coaching :


  Improved personal performance and personal contribution



  Increased knowledge and highly developed skills



  The revealing of hidden skills & talents & self-leadership style



  Helping the team achieve synergy & motivation & responsibility



  Accelerated personal development & career progression



 Maximised business and personal growth & finding creative ways



  Working relationships & emotional management 


  Demonstrating team commitment attitude


  Improved to excellent team working attitude & 'win-win' solutions concept




                                      Additional Benefits include:


        Less Stress in the workplace & more focus in now moment



       Greater capacity to identify and manage challenges and change


        Removal of fear and lack of confidence & finding new resources  



         Higher level of self-awareness and emotional maturity



         Leaders who inspire authentic business attitude are leaders of success. 

                                New vision in Leadership  is one that requires knowledge, inspiration, response-ability, team attitude, courage, transparency, determination, clarity in communication, emotional motivation & balance, involved in achieving high performance, accountability, proffesional attitude, identifying new potential to the disposal of everyone, it is something tangible and applicable, it is not about just conceptual vision.




                        High Definition Business Coaching™ = a coaching and training formula for small & large companies so very open to new, flexible in attitude and vision, always ready to experiment and realize the benefits of new discovery. 
Identifying multiple potential at the disposal of a leader. A simple formula for success in the very 21st century.



     This coaching formula inspire companies to know that the only guidance to succeed, "celebrity desired”, an infinite number of customers, smiling customers, involves adoption and implementation of true human values, experienced every day, not just in private life, but also in business life.

Small companies, big companies, who cares about people, the planet, animals, environment, these companies will succeed, paradoxically reaching success.



                              Success is a perception.

Perception of admiration and high quality creates the best sales. 


It's well known that you buy what attract you most! 
Marketing, PR's.. they attract your admiration and you will be soon, a client.
Why? Because of real inspiration and a beautiful view. The people adhere to values and authentic now.


Successful companies respect all around starting with those of their team.   



                      High Definition Business Coaching™ shapes the future of business,  it is an important component of  new leadership attitude, a  vision of training for 21 century. New level of awareness. New human values. Human oriented values. It is an important key leadership competency for their executive.  




Coaching Team is about helping a team achieve superior performance, while also help all team members (executive, managers, employee) to create more fulfilling lives for themselves and for others with greater business results and improved relationships. 




with consideration,

Carmen Meera




 © 2017



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