Who is your Intuitive Coach in the most important Game: Your Life?




New Design  for  Your Life



I am here to inspire You to Live Your  Dreamed Life.

I've used my gifts, my knowledge, abilities, skills, insights, conscioussness & awareness to succeed in my life from zero point, helping me to achieve my heart dreams.My intention is to serve fully, totally and completly my source soul and from there to assist as many people as possible in clearing their emotional and energetic blocks.


I am here to inspire you to live from beyond of beyond, from Your Soul's Portal. 
The best way to Liv, and unique one, as without this connection you are in that prison of the mind.

I am your ally in this project of the life and the time is our friend.









Short Bio: Carmen Meera   

Seminar Leader, DreamWalker Teacher,

Writer, Life & Business Coach


I travel the World: Empowering dreams of XX & XY

Re-Invent & Re-Design for Personal Image: Internal and External

Founder of the Emotinal SPA ~ RelationShifts ~ True Love Way for 21 Millenium~


 Since the year 2000, I have deliberately devoted myself to all kind of research about life management, emotional intelligence, success's perception, genius role model(how Einstein did it?), re-framing realities, quantum physics, psycho-genetics, different energy and healing techniques, brain waves and what really stands behind the secret and "phenomenon" of the Law of Attraction.

Licensed New Code NLP Coaching

International Trainers Academy of NLP  @ nlpacademy.co.uk

Licensed Master NLP

Licensed Tranzactional Analysis & Abe Wagner, USA @ abewagner.com

Licensed New Psychology Aspectology

Licensed Conflict Revolution, Albert Einstein Institute, USA, (Certified Science Officer)

New Consciousness Business Coach




Byline: Your Life is in a very relationship with Your Sovereignty & it is About Your Perception..Your courage to live it.



                   Personal Life Coaching:

  Who is your Coach in the most important Game: Your Life? 



                                         Why do you need a coach?


You are perfect healthy, you have business success, maybe a very nice family or you are an happy single.

You know, really, what do you have in your life and what you do not have, yet...

Do You dream about more, and are you willing to invest in making that more your next powerful reality, now?

How Much Energetic Reality can You take?


There is a difference between what you have in your life, now


what you really want to experience in your life, maybe one true heart dream, maybe financial abundance, maybe traveling more?



                      If the answer is “yes”,

We can explore together the deep reasons and  old limited paradigms of your provocations.


We can explore what is beyond of your struggling attitude in one area of your life, no matter which one is: business, social, love, financial, emotional, family, relatiosnhips. 


We will explore in one safe space of confidentiality and compassion, beyond judgement in this space, just understanding of all your experiences and kindly guidance through old paradigms to one fresh, new paradigm & vision about you and your choices.


Life coaching is about One trust partnership, accepted just temporary for discovering the real Joy and Passion of your Life. I am your ally and time will be our friend.




              Going through the process of coaching you will discover:

 the true ecology of communication & interpersonal relationships


·    set & achieve challenging goals


·    develop skills that will enable you to make positive changes


·    stress, frustration, "no time attitude" will go away

     successful work with fears and the amazing power to forgive you & others, to let go total of the past 


·    develop clarity about what you trully want


·    receive support in transitions period of your life or on difficult life decisions


·    improve performance & increase effectiveness


·    increase fulfillment & joy in your personal and professional life


·    have more energy and passion to live your desired life

  effective personal time management


       ·    improving the quality of your interpersonal relationships


·    balancing work and personal life


·    choosing or changing your career


·    increasing passion of life, total acceptance of the past 


·    finding your body-mind-soul balance


·    improving overall emotional health & balance of emotional guidance system




Emotional Management is a very important management, because of incredible impact in your life. It creates realities! One thought plus one strong emotion = reality you will live..in. Conscious or unconscious. Your choice.



Life is like a diamond with a lot of facets, with a lot of areas who reclaim your attention.


All areas of your life are in harmony? All areas of your diamond are shining? Do you know who they are? What areas of your life are very important for you? Write them on a piece of paper, please. Start to re-create your Life, intention based. What are your Intentions? What do you want? 



•    Do you experience repeating patterns in your life that do not serve you anymore?     


•    Do you hear your mind..all the time, thoughts that torment, harass, stress or  doubt your action and your life?     


•    Are there negative tendencies in your life that are difficult to deal with?     


•    Do you find that self-sabotage shows up far most of the time?


•    Would you like to experience being creative and expressive rather than feeling  limited and unhappy?    


Would you like to create a life like a dream? Your dream?


 •    Is it difficult for you to accept  parts of yourself or things you’ve done in the past? It is difficult to free from your past? It is difficult to let go totally of your past?


 •    Would you like to experience true freedom of the life, your soul, your intuition?




•    Do you wonder who is creating all experiences in your life?     


The Life you create in this very moment, now, today  is the one in which you will enjoy tomorrow.


You can create now moment by accepting the fact you are always in this moment that create your life,


day by day. You can create your life by making your conscious choices now.




We propose a highly effective fusion of methods & coaching simple tools that help you become who you trully are, so that you can enjoy your life with less stress and more energy, serenity and joy.




Life Coaching process take into account both personal and transpersonal aspects of your  life.


A new, visionary  approach to personal transformation combines coaching, the management of communication and interpersonal relations, personal development methods.




 In the most important game, Game of  Your Life (love, health, wealth) who is your coach?

Your Investition: 
1 Session: 1111 euro 

Golden Package: 777 euro/each * 7 sessions
Platinum Package: 888 euro/each * 9 sessions
One day Coaching VIP session: 3333 euro


                  First session free~ 30 Minutes~Gift.

We can arrange a payment plan, we can find soul-ution for the financial exchange.

My Sessions are available online & by phone (whtsapp)




Consideration, Carmen Meera


Life Designer & Intuitive Life Coach